But Why?

Every now and then, I find myself in an Internet slapfight with a Men’s Rights Advocate (hey, everyone needs a hobby!)

Occasionally, my opponent will bring up the lack of women in combat roles – to these individuals, women have historically been content to send their men off to die in war while staying safe at home. During one of these arguments, I spent a good half-hour on Google and came up with a dozen historical women who took up arms and went to war. Sometimes, they even led the war.

That comment became the inspiration for this blog. A roster of women who have done extraordinary things, hopefully to inspire modern women. And also dispel a couple nefarious myths: that women never fought, that women before 1970 were all weak and submissive, that every culture has been repressive to women in precisely the same way. None of that has ever been true, and I hope to showcase some of the amazing women history has removed from center stage.

I should note that I believe strongly in the power of storytelling. While I’ll make every effort to be accurate, I reserve the right to take creative license when it comes to filling in gaps in the record.

I’m happy to cover transwomen and genderqueer individuals; but if you want to cry about this blog not including men, I invite you to visit the History section of your local bookstore. You will find many inspirational and wonderful stories about men there!

If there’s a woman you’d love to see featured, please suggest one!

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