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The Huk Rebellion: Guerrilla Amazons

Welcome to Amazon Month Week 5! Sorry for missing last week, things got crazy busy. But we’re back, and ready to wrap up Amazon Month! [...]

Calafia: Amazon of the Americas

Welcome to Amazon Month, Week 2! Today we’re going to depart a little bit from the nature of this blog, and cover a woman whom we know [...]

Buffalo Calf Road Woman: Custer’s Killer

Despite living relatively recently, not much is known about Buffalo Calf Road Woman – partly because her people kept some of her explo [...]

Boudica: Rebel Queen

Originally, I hadn’t intended to cover Boudica – she’s a familiar figure to many, and I want this blog to focus on more ob [...]

Edith Margaret Garrud: The Fighting Suffragette

Let’s get this blog started with a bang! How about feminist ninjas? When deciding the lady with which I wanted to start this blog, I h [...]
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